THE SLK is a bit of the odd one out in the Dutch market of boutique (tax) law firms. THE SLK does not believe in wooing potential customers with pretentiousness, status symbols and other tricks to impress and generate a sense of credibility. Instead, THE SLK has developed a style that makes clients feel at ease. Fruitful relationships can only be developed and maintained when high level services based on trust, respect and a sense of familiarity are provided.  


THE SLK serves a wide range of clients, from stock listed companies, family owned companies and Dutch P.O. box companies to small sized companies, one man shops and (other) individuals. Setting up (international) tax driven structures and tax compliance is the core business. The (typical) blue envelopes from the Dutch tax administration are warmly welcomed, particularly the ones with a formal or material shortcoming.


Let there be no misunderstanding: THE SLK embraces the concept of realising all sorts of tax savings but not at all costs; the tax laws are always respected. But with some creativity, tax savings are feasible in many situations. THE SLK can be cooperative towards the Dutch tax office but can also act ruthlessly if necessary.


THE SLK is not keen on wasting precious time on extensive wording where a simple yes or no suffices and therefore is as efficient as it is professional.


THE SLK prefers working on a fixed fee basis as to avoid uncertainty afterwards. Special arrangements are available for small entrepreneurs (see the section LITTLE SLK). The happy few have access to the bohemian Sous 623 (in the basement of THE SLK) for a drink, an impromptu piano concert or art exhibitions by young Dutch artists.