Bookkeepers tend to label themselves as tax specialists when they are not; possibilities to achieve a tax saving are often not acknowledged or even noticed while mistakes are frequently made. THE LITTLE SLK has anticipated on the need for more tax knowledge and skills and demonstrates that bookkeepers can easily be substituted, also price wise. THE LITTLE SLK is pre- eminently suitable for start-ups, ‘light’ BVs and small entrepreneurs. Different (tailor-made) package deals are available, i.a. the two most wanted:


1: The “Do-it-yourself” package


The current market requires a package with minimal tax assistance. Specifically entrepreneurs who do their own bookkeeping, do not require much help. To engage a tax specialist who can prepare and file the annual personal income tax return or corporate income tax return (depending on the legal form), possibly combined with the preparation and filing of the VAT returns on a quarterly basis, is however considered as an added value.


2. The “Don’t bother me” package


This other extreme is rather popular as well. THE LITTLE SLK will arrange for basically everything. Needless to say, information needs to be provided but this can be done in different ways, dependent on specific wishes.


Of course, several variations are feasible. It is all possible at THE LITTLE SLK. Please contact THE LITTLE SLK for more information.